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**THESE ARE A CLOSEOUT ITEM AND WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AS SUPPLIES LAST** Sensolene® is derived from olive chemistry. It has been created with a fa...

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shea butter ws

Shea Butter WS

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CAS No.: 68153-76-4, 7732-18-5 Shea Butter WS is a water soluble shea butter! Now shea butter can be easily formulated into water-based products. T...

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strawberry seeds

Strawberry Seeds

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Try these luscious little seeds in bar soaps, scrubs and gels. Our seeds are cleaned, screened and sterilized to create a cosmetic grade ingredient...

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surfthix trade doe

SurfThix DOE

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CAS#: 86893-19-8, 68239-42-9, 7732-18-5 / 231-791-2  SurfThix™ DOE is a non-ionic liquid thickener for surfactant systems that are difficult to thi...

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urea usp


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CAS No. 57-13-6 Urea is a byproduct of protein metabolism and a normal metabolic constituent in biological organisms. It is a naturally occurring c...

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