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CAS No. 618949-72-7 AromaFix™ is a raw material derived from glucose which serves to increase significantly the lasting power of many fragrance typ...

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perfume vials

Perfume Vials


**THESE ARE A CLOSEOUT ITEM AND WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AS SUPPLIES LAST** Another great sample solution! This refillable perfume vial is perfect fo...

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pocket lotion pump

Pocket Lotion Pump

from $6.50

Refillable Pump Bottle for Pocket, Purse or Samples! Ideal for Pulse Point Products! This little pump bottle is perfect for sending out product sam...

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rosehip hydrosol

Rosehip Hydrosol

from $7.25

Our Rosehip Hydrosol is the product of the steam distillation of organic Rosehips, which is the fruit (hips) that develops after wild roses pollena...

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