mica bronze shine

Mica, Bronze Shine

from $2.95

CAS No. 12001-26-2, 1309-37-1 Bronze Shine Mica is a gorgeous warm bronze/copper tone with a golden shine that comes through in the light. Our Bron...

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micromini mixer

MICROMini Mixer


Our MicroMini™ Mixer can handle the smallest of test batches.  Want to mix an active into a product already in a bottle?  This baby will do that to...

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from $4.16

**THIS IS A CLOSEOUT ITEM THAT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AS SUPPLIES LAST** Our Micro Tube is virtually leak proof and holds 1.5ml of product (about 1...

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from $1.57

*THIS IS A CLOSEOUT ITEM AND WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AS LONG AS SUPPLIES LAST.* This reusable MicroVial holds about 1.75 grams of product -- enough ...

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mini measure

Mini Measure

from $3.50

Mini Measure Perfect for measuring small amounts of ingredients! With a one ounce (30ml) capacity, the Mini Measure measures teaspoons, tablespoon...

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mini mixer

Mini Mixer


Our Mini Mixer is a great handheld, battery-powered tool everyone should add to their lab collection. It is the perfect size for mixing small test ...

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miracare soft 313

Miracare Soft 313

from $3.95

**THESE ARE A CLOSEOUT ITEM AND WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AS SUPPLIES LAST** CAS # 7732-18-5, 68139-30-0, 90387-74-9, 68608-66-2, 143-07-7 Miracare So...

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