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safety goggles

Safety Goggles


These Goggles are made of a soft vinyl frame with a polycarbonate lens. The flexible frame molds comfortably to the face for a secure fit. The scra...

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sample cup 150ml

Sample Cup 150ml

from $1.35

Our Sample Cup is perfect for mixing and storing formulation samples.  Our non-sterile Sample Cup, has a total capacity of 150ml, with molded gradu...

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spatula mixing flat 6

Spatula, Mixing, Flat 6"


Plastic Mixing Spatula Our sturdy plastic mixing spatulas are perfect for hand stirring ingredients into formulations. Length:  5.75"  

tri corner beakers

Tri-Corner Beakers

from $0.89

Made from translucent polypropylene that is resistant to many acids and bases, organic solvents, fragrance and essential oils. Sturdy enough for st...

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wire whips

Wire Whips

from $8.35

Wire whips (aka whisks) find many uses in soap and lotion crafting. These are the best and most sanitary whips made, crafted with an eye to design,...

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