amber powder

Amber Powder

from $7.85

CAS No.: 9000-02-6 A timeless gem of natural origin, amber is the fossilized resin from amber forests of Pinus succinifera in existence some 45 mil...

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cranberry seeds

Cranberry Seeds

from $4.95

Add these deep crimson colored seeds to your next soap bar or sugar scrub for their beautiful color and mildly abrasive texture. PLEASE NOTE:  Our ...

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strawberry seeds

Strawberry Seeds

from $4.55

INCI: Fragaria Ananassa (Strawberry) Seeds  Try these luscious little seeds in bar soaps, scrubs and gels. Our seeds are cleaned, screened and ster...

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urea usp


from $3.95

CAS No. 57-13-6 Urea is a byproduct of protein metabolism and a normal metabolic constituent in biological organisms. It is a naturally occurring c...

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