Mixing & Measuring

125cc measuring scoop natural

1.25cc Measuring Scoop Natural

from $3.50

This larger scoop holds 1.25ml or 1/4 teaspoon.  Capacity:  1.25cc Material:  Natural Polypropylene Length: 76mm (3") Country of Origin: USA

blunt end spoon

Blunt End Spoon


A spoon with corners! Perfect for digging into solid oil and butters or scraping everything out of a bucket, you'll find this spoon has lots of use...

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Drip Clip

Drip Clip


Now why didn't I think of that? This handy little gadget clips to the side of your soap or lotion pot, keeping those dripping spoons or spatulas ov...

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funnel 305mm

Funnel 30.5mm

from $7.35

This funnel is perfectly sized to fill our Pocket misters and Rollerball Containers. Its wide opening at the bottom allows fluids to flow through m...

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micromini mixer

MICROMini Mixer


Our MicroMini™ Mixer can handle the smallest of test batches.  Want to mix an active into a product already in a bottle?  This baby will do that to...

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mini measure

Mini Measure

from $3.50

Mini Measure Perfect for measuring small amounts of ingredients! With a one ounce (30ml) capacity, the Mini Measure measures teaspoons, tablespoon...

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mini mixer

Mini Mixer


Our Mini Mixer is a great handheld, battery-powered tool everyone should add to their lab collection. It is the perfect size for mixing small test ...

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Pipette, 3ml

Pipette, 3ml

from $2.25

Pipette, 3ml Perfect for measuring small amounts of fragrance, essential oils and other liquid ingredients. These 3ml pipettes have a 7.5ml capaci...

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porcelain dish

Porcelain Dish

from $3.75

Our Porcelain Dishes have fully glazed interior surfaces and can withstand temperatures up to 1050°C (1922°F).  Unlike the unglazed surfaces of our...

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