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turmeric hydrosol

Turmeric Hydrosol

from $8.75

Our Turmeric Hydrosol is distilled from Certified Organic Turmeric. Our Turmeric Hydrosol has a warm, spicy, earthy aroma. Turmeric Hydrosol has tr...

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urea usp


from $3.95

CAS No. 57-13-6 Urea is a byproduct of protein metabolism and a normal metabolic constituent in biological organisms. It is a naturally occurring c...

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from $6.45

Vanistryl® by Lipotec is a combination of several active ingredients incorporated in Lipotec's new delivery system that acts by different mechanism...

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varisoft eq 65

Varisoft EQ 65

from $5.25

CAS # 67846-68-8, 67762-27-0  Varisoft EQ 65 is a green, readily biodegradable cationic or positively charged ester quat derived from stearic acid ...

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from $5.95

CAS No.: Mixture VegeKeratinTM is a vegetable alternative to animal keratin. It increases hair strength, enhances elasticity, helps protect hair fr...

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vitamin e acetate

Vitamin E Acetate

from $9.95

CAS No. 7695-91-2 DL-Alpha tocopheryl acetate, or Vitamin E Acetate, is the stable form of Vitamin E most often used in cosmetic formulations for ...

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from $9.95

CAS: Mixture Vitaplex™ is a unique all-in-one vitamin complex specially developed for use in hair and skincare. It contains a well-balanced blend...

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wire whips

Wire Whips

from $8.35

Wire whips (aka whisks) find many uses in soap and lotion crafting. These are the best and most sanitary whips made, crafted with an eye to design,...

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xanthan gum soft

Xanthan Gum Soft

from $6.95

Xanthan Gum Soft is a natural gum polysaccharide created through fermentation of sugar (glucose or sucrose) by Xanthomonas campestris bacteria. Xa...

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