Treatment Pump Bottle, White, 15ml, Snap On w/Dip Tube

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This 15ml Pump Bottle is great for packaging serum and treatment formulations.  The bottle is filled and the treatment pump with dip tube snaps on permanently, providing a tamper-proof package. Perfect, when you want to be sure your customers can't contaminate your products!  With simple lines and easily customized with your label, it is especially useful for light sensitive products. 

All containers should be tested to determine their suitability for their intended product.  This bottle contains a dip tube to draw contents up to the dispenser.  We have tested it with lotions and serum formulations and it dispenses well.  It may not be suitable for very thick creams.

Size: 15ml (1/2 ounce)

Manufacturer: Calmar/Rexam

Finish: 62mm length x 24mm diameter (2.44" length x 0.94" diameter)

Label Area:  48mm x 77mm (1.9" tall x 3.0" wide)

Material: Mixed Plastic Material - Recycle Code 7