Velvet Touch Under Makeup Primer

Our Velvet Touch Under Makeup Primer duplicates the feel of DHC’s Velvet Skin Coat. A small amount is smoothed over the entire face, focusing on fine lines, large pores and rough areas where it fills in creases and fine lines, smoothing the skin. Its unique powdery gel creates a non-greasy undercoat for your foundation or mineral makeup.

How it works: MicroSilica Spheres are pre-combined with Lotioncrafter LC995 Cyclomethicone so the spheres take up the cyclomethicone. In use, the cyclomethicone in the spheres evaporates, allowing for the uptake of excess oil on the skin. The result? A smooth, matt finish that blurs fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have dry skin, you can add a small amount of an emollient oil (olive squalane, argan oil, etc.) to your formulation. This would be added to the EL3045 with mixing and then combined with Phase B.

PDF   Velvet Touch Under Makeup Primer







Phase A




Lotioncrafter EL3045

Phase B




Lotioncrafter LC995





MicroSilica Spheres


1. Mix Phase B LC995 with MicroSilica Spheres.

2. Add mixture to Phase A EL3045 and mix until smooth.

Makes approximately 100 grams or 3.33 ounces of primer.

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