There is a minimum order of $5.00 (excluding shipping).

You don't have to create an account to use our site, however we welcome you to register if you'd like to do so. This gives you access to past and current orders, order tracking. 

All orders must be prepaid by credit card or PayPal. Orders paid via PayPal e-checks will be held until PayPal advises your funds have been received. This can take 4-6 business days or longer, depending on your bank (international orders take 10 business days to be credited by PayPal!). We reserve the right to cancel orders shipped to unverified PayPal accounts or those shipped to a third party.  We also accept payment via Wire Transfer.  There is a $50 Wire Transfer Fee that is added to the final total of your invoice.  Wire Transfer information is transmitted to you via email once your order is placed.  Wire Transfer or other orders not paid for within 10 days will be canceled from our system. 

Lotioncrafter is a wholesale distributor of cosmetic raw materials and other products. Our pricing structure was created to cater to large and small businesses as well as the hobbyist, therefore we offer most ingredients in a variety of sizes. In order to receive the most competitive wholesale level pricing, purchase the largest size listed.  If you are interested in receiving pricing on quantities greater than those listed on our website, please contact us at sales@lotioncrafter.com.  Due to market fluctuations, Lotioncrafter prices may change at any time without notice.
Certificates of Analysis
If you require a Certificate of Analysis for one of our cosmetic raw materials, please request it when you place your order and it will be emailed to you after shipment.  These can be ordered from any ingredient on the website by clicking the box thay says “Please Send a Certificate of Analysis." You will see the Certificate of Analysis confirmation appear in the checkout.

Animal Testing

Lotioncrafter LLC does not advocate the testing of ingredients on animals. We confirm that we have never undertaken any product testing on animals, nor have we ever requested that our ingredient manufacturers do so. We do not source ingredients from manufacturers who test on animals and we undertake to determine this when considering new raw materials suppliers. Please refer to this page to download our Statement on Animal Testing.

Order Turnaround

Lotioncrafter is located on Orcas Island in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. Due to our unique island location, UPS departs our island via ferry service so they pick up from us at 10:30AM on a daily basis on the Spring schedule (so our cut-off is about 10:00AM) and USPS (mail shipments) leave in the early afternoon.  Air and Ground shipments received after the daily UPS pickup will be picked up UPS the next morning to meet their daily truck. Mail shipments are dropped at the post office at 2:45pm on a daily basis (excluding weekends). If your shipment is urgent, and you’re choosing an expedited service (UPS Next Day Air and the like), please note the cutoff times and contact our office for specific shipping assistance.  During sales or pre-holiday seasons, when shipping volume is high, we will post a notice on the home page of the website indicating current shipping turnaround, in the event it exceeds our normal turnaround.

International Orders

We do ship internationally utilizing UPS and USPS International Mail. Due to recent fraudulent activity, we will no longer ship to anyone or any other address but the Bill To party. We will make an exception to this provided you complete a Credit Card Authorization Form which we will complete and email to you, and submit it along with a copy of your credit card and national ID for verification purposes. Please do not ask us to declare your merchandise as Used Goods, Gifts or Samples, or to under declare its value.  We are required to include commercial invoices on all shipments and we do so without exception.  Please note, due to the need to prepare customs paperwork on international orders, they may be subject to up to 3 business days in-house processing..
International shipments must clear customs in their destination countries.  International customers are responsible for any and all customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees that their package may incur.  UPS charges for customs clearance are substantially higher than shipments sent via international mail. We are not able to determine the amount of these fees before shipping to you. Please contact UPS in your country for estimates prior to ordering as UPS will not deliver your order unless these fees are paid in full.  Any order returned to us due to non-payment of brokerage and customs fees will be subject to our international cancellation fee, original shipping charge and the return shipping fees charged by the carrier. Please be sure of your country's import restrictions and requirements prior to ordering. Any order returned to us due to your country's import restrictions or regulations will be subject to our international order cancellation fee, original shipping charge and the return shipping fees charged by the carrier for reentry into the United States and return to us.  We cannot be responsible for your country's mail system shortcomings!  Please track your mail shipments and contact your local post office if your package appears to be in-country but not delivered to you!  Contact Lotioncrafter so we can initiate a trace if need be.  If your package is returned to Lotioncrafter as Unclaimed, you will be required to pay the postage to have it shipped back to you!

Our shopping cart is set up to calculate international shipping rates (and our international handling charge is already included). We check calculated charges against actual shipping charges. If the cart has underestimated shipping we will adjust the invoice and contact you prior to charging your card. Due to the high cost of international credit card refunds (for you and us), any refunds of excess calculated shipping charge due will be converted to Customer Rewards Points equivalent to the refund and added to your Customer Rewards Points total which can be used like cash on a future purchase.

If you are an international customer using a U.S. mail or freight forwarder for shipment of your orders overseas, Lotioncrafter’s liability for your order ends when your freight forwarder takes delivery of the package. We will not be responsible for leaks or damage in transit beyond the delivery point regardless of whether you have insured your package or not as our insurance only covers transportation from our warehouse to the delivery point specified on your order. If an item has been left out of your order through our error, we will send it to the destination specified on your original order or we will issue a refund for the missing item at our discretion.

Cancellations/Changes/Abandoned Shipments

Because we strive for a rapid turnaround of your order, you may cancel or change your order up until your order has been fulfilled by our shipping department. Domestic orders canceled after shipping, but prior to delivery, will incur a 10% restocking fee, plus the cost of shipping and return. International orders canceled (or abandoned at customs) after shipping will incur a 25% restocking fee, plus the cost of shipping and return as these orders can take up to 6 months to be returned to us and must be discarded on return

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be charged for Washington State residents unless we have a valid WA State Reseller Permit on file.  Please mail or fax it to us. Once your Reseller Permit is received, your account will be set up as "tax exempt" in our system and future orders will not be taxed, provided you have logged into your account. If we already have your WA State Reseller Permit on file, please log into your account. While anonymous check out is available, tax exempt WA State residents must log into their accounts to avoid paying WA State Sales Tax on their orders.

Shipping & Insurance

Lotioncrafter will ship orders inside the continental U.S. using UPS and USPS Mail services.  Priority Mail Express is a TWO DAY service from Orcas Island, WA where we are located.  Because US Mail leaves the island on the afternoon ferry, it arrives at the postal hub too late to make connections to the East Coast.  Please plan accordingly.

UPS Ground shipping takes 2 to 6 business days to deliver in the US, depending on your distance from our warehouse in the Pacific Northwest. This excludes the day of shipment, weekends and holidays. You can see the UPS Ground Transit Time Map here to determine how long your order will take to reach you. Priority Mail generally takes 2 to 3 days, excluding the day of shipment, Sundays and holidays. Please note that the US Post Office may indicate that a service is a 1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day Priority Mail shipment in the cart, but this is NOT a guaranteed service, just a typical delivery time.  Only Priority Mail Express offers a guaranteed 2-Day service from the Pacific Northwest and that is very expensive compared to regular Priority Mail. 

We don't ship COD, nor do we ship UPS collect. We strive to keep your shipping charges as low as possible. Our shopping cart has been set up to accurately determine your shipping charges using real-time shipping rates provided by USPS and UPS. 

If you supply us with an incorrect address/zip code, we will charge you the extra shipping charges that occur for correcting the address, intercepting the package, or reshipping your package; you agree to this additional charge to your credit card. The Post Office requires that postage be paid again to reship a package and UPS charges $13.40 for delivery intercepts/address corrections.

Shipments to APO or FPO addresses will be sent USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail.

All domestic shipments sent via US Mail are insured, this ensures shipments via US Mail that are lost or damaged in transit are quickly. Claims for shipments lost in the US Mail system will not be initiated until 21 days after date of shipment to give the post office time to make delivery on packages that may be delayed in transit. We cannot process a claim for a shipment that is scanned as "Delivered" by the post office. Contact your local post office and speak to the postal carrier as soon as you determine you haven't received your shipment.  
Shipments sent via International Mail are insured through our private insurance carrier and they will not process a claim on a loss until 45 days after the date of shipment.
In order to replace your lost shipment, you MUST complete and return the Lost Claim Form that we send you as soon as you receive it.  If we cannot file an insurance claim on your shipment for lack of this paperwork, this will nullify the insurance and your order will not be replaced.
Please note, because our international customers overwhelmingly do not want to pay duty on shipping charges, the cost of shipping is not declared as part of the cost of the goods.  Therefore, international mail shipments are insured for the contents only and not for the cost of postage. If your shipment is lost or damaged, you will be required to pay the postage on its replacement prior to reshipment.  If you want us to insure your package for the cost of shipping as well, we are happy to do so -- please tell us when you place your order.


Generally, raw material products may not be returned because once shipped we can no longer guarantee the purity of the products for our customers. If a raw material has not been opened and all seals are intact, and it is in salable condition, some exceptions may be made provided we are contacted within 3 days of receipt.  Contact us to discuss further.   Defective or damaged merchandise will be replaced by Lotioncrafter or the manufacturer, depending on the warranty. Durable goods that are not opened and are in salable condition may be returned. A 10% restocking fee will be charged on domestic orders and a 25% restocking fee on international orders will be charged on all returned items. Original and return shipping charges are not refundable. If your order is unclaimed or undeliverable to you and is returned to us by the carrier, original and return shipping charges and the designated domestic or international restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. 
Email us for a return authorization number. We will not be responsible for items returned without authorization and items returned without authorization will be refused. We will not be responsible for returned items lost in transit. Authorization numbers should be posted on the outside of the package, near the return address. Please request return authorization numbers within 3 days of delivery and return it to us within 7 business days. After that time the product will no longer be accepted and sale is considered final.
In the event we make an error, we will gladly authorize the return of incorrect or defective merchandise and pay for the return shipping costs on domestic orders. Should we omit an item on domestic orders, we will ship it to you on notification of the shortage provided you contact us within 7 days of delivery.  You agree to carefully inspect all ingredients and products upon arrival and report any problems or need for replacement within 7 days of receiving the goods.  Boxes and packing material should be retained until after you have spoken with Lotioncrafter staff.  On orders shipped internationally, we may, at our discretion, issue a refund for the defective or shorted merchandise. 

Digital Downloads

If you are ordering products to be delivered via digital download, once your order has been marked as Complete and the digital download link has been generated and emailed to you, there will be no refunds issued (this includes digital books and our HLB program).

Limitation of Warranties; Defects
Lotioncrafter LLC warrants that goods will conform to their description on your order. This warranty is exclusive. We exclude and disclaim all other warranties related to the goods, their use or failure, including, but not limited to, express warranties and implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of any intellectual property right. Lotioncrafter LLC shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost profits or injury to business reputation or goodwill, that are caused by, that relate to, or that arise out of any of the goods, their use or failure.  If any goods are defective, then your exclusive remedy as a customer shall be (a) Lotioncrafter LLC's replacement of the goods for no extra charge; or (b) a credit against your outstanding account with Lotioncrafter, if any. In no event shall Lotioncrafter LLC's liability for defective goods exceed the price of the goods.  If you believe any goods are defective or nonconforming, they you shall give Lotioncrafter LLC prompt written notice of the alleged defect or nonconformity (not later than 10 days after becoming aware of the defect or nonconformity) and at Lotioncrafter LLC's election either return the goods to Lotioncrafter LLC (at Lotioncrafter's expense), make the goods available for inspection by Lotioncrafter LLC or its agents at your place of business or destroy the goods (before or after the date of any inspection).  Lotioncrafter LLC shall not be responsible for any defect or nonconformity in the goods that are created after the goods are shipped from Lotioncrafter LLC.

Damage Claims

Please inspect all packages at time of delivery and, if damaged, note on the UPS driver's delivery receipt when you sign for it , contact UPS by phone (1-800-PICKUPS) to report it directly to them, and then contact us so we may process your claim.  UPS will send someone to inspect the package.  If you notice any damaged items upon unpacking your order, leave the box and contents as is, save all of the packing material and contact us so we may process your claim. In the unlikely event of a container leaking, leaked contents will be replaced or a credit issued at our discretion.  All damaged, defective or missing item claims must be reported to Lotioncrafter within 7 days of acceptance of package. After that time, the customer accepts responsibility and will not hold Lotioncrafter liable.


We do our best to offer you only the highest quality ingredients available. We cannot guarantee that any ingredient will be consistent in appearance, color or typical odor from one batch to another, as this may be within the manufacturer's tolerance for a particular product.
Although Lotioncrafter tries to be as accurate as possible when describing ingredients and supplies, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information that is provided via our website, telephone conversations or email correspondence.  It is up to the customer to adequately research the appropriate use and safety information for each item, including any governmental regulations in place for proper usage, labeling and sale.
The contents of our website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
By purchasing and using ingredients and products sold by Lotioncrafter, you agree that you are knowledgeable about the safe, appropriate use and storage of these ingredients and products.  You agree that you will not hold Lotioncrafter LLC liable for any problems that arise from your storage and use of the ingredients or products. You will assume all product liability for the final products and creations you make using ingredients purchased through Lotioncrafter LLC.

In the event of loss or damage, Lotioncrafter will only be liable for the actual cost and or replacement of the merchandise.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

We promise that none of your personal information will be shared in any way with anyone.