Creating Advanced Emulsions with Simulsol/Lotionpro™ 165 – Part 3

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Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, vol 2, 2024

by Susan Barclay Nichols
e-Zine (PDF, 6.56 MB)
128 pages

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As per her trend for e-books over the last few years, it’s absolutely massive at almost 39,000 words, 128 pages, and 30 formulas for all kinds of facial moisturizers that include actives, cosmeceuticals, and vitamins with more information than you thought you needed to know about making alterations to the sensory characteristics, melting points, and viscosity using the principles of combining emollients along with the chemistry of liquid crystal emulsions (lamellar gel networks). 

You’ll find all kinds of formula charts along with so many of her extensive and unique sensory characteristic comparison charts as well as ingredient charts, including all the information you need to know to create advanced emulsions, like molecular weight and melting profiles.

You’ll learn how to use rheology modifiers, anti-oxidants, chelating ingredients, solid esters, and so much more.

She's also included information on choosing a good scale for measuring smaller amounts as well as a massive section on testing and adjusting pH with all you’ll need to know to include acids in your formulas. 

If you want to take your formulating of facial moisturizers to the next level, this is the e-book you want to read! 

This e-Zine is published in English and is not available in any other languages.  This e-Zine is in PDF format and it is sent as a digital download.  It is not available in any other format and not available except as a digital download.

About the author

Susan Barclay Nichols lives in the Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada.  She stumbled upon a recipe for bath bombs and became obsessed with creating bath and body products. This is when her extreme interest in chemistry began. 

In 2009, she started Point of Interest, a bath and body products blog to share her love of creating products. Her favorite hobbies – other than creating bath and body products – include sewing, trivia, criticizing and correcting people’s grammar and spelling, and striving to achieve expert status on bass in Rock Band 3. She lives with her wonderful husband, Raymond and their adorable dog, Sasja.

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