Funnel Pitcher, 3.5 cup

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This Funnel Pitcher is the larger version of it's kind, and best for larger batches of soap or lotion. Funnel Pitchers are a great way to transfer liquid creations such as lotions, sprays, oils, etc. into bottles wth precision, and they are a must-have for all cold process soap makers out there. The funnel spout on the pitchers are the perfect length and size to pour creative patterns and layers into any type of mold without a mess, or just to simply and easily pour into wider-mouthed bottles and containers by placing the spout in the mouth of the container. The pitchers are also translucent for quick and easy viewing and loose measuring. These pitchers are best in sets, so stock up your shelves with both sizes!

Dimensions: 5.5" x 9.75" x 4.25"

Capacity: 3.5 cups / 28 ounces / 900 ml

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