Pouch or Sachet for Samples, Mini

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A perfect little vehicle for product samples!
This white 2" x 3" Mylar Mini Pouch or Sachet is perfect for creating samples of your products.  Just fill with 2-4ml of product (about 1/2 tsp) and seal the top. This pouch is white, and can easily be labeled, or written and drawn on with any pen to customize for your needs.

We recommend using our 15ml syringe to fill these -- it's easy to gauge exactly how much you're adding to each one, and the pointed tip inserts deep into the pouch to keep the edges clean and dry. 

To seal, we recommend using our 4" Impulse Heat Sealer, but they will seal just as well with a hot, dry iron or a flat iron used for straightening hair. When using an iron, be sure to keep the liquid contents in the bottom of the pouch while you seal the edge to prevent spilling.

The cleanest edge was achieved with the impulse sealer.

Please note:  The manufacturer ships these to us in one of two lengths -- plan on these 2" x 3" pouches being either 3" or 3.15" in length.  We have no control over which is shipped and they are often intermingled lots.

Size: 78mm - 80mm (3.00" - 3.15") Long  x  49.5mm (1.95") Wide
Capacity: 2-4ml (about 1/2 tsp)

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