Linen & Room Spray (with CME)

The simplest formulations are made by mixing 1 part Caprol Micro Express (CME) with 9 parts water, and adding 1% fragrance, and a preservative, of course. If it’s not clear, add a bit more CME, a few drops at a time with stirring until the mix clears. That's it.

Body Sprays can be created by substituting water soluble actives for any part of the Distilled Water. Also try Aloe Vera Juice, Herbal Extracts and Hydrosols.

One percent fragrance works well for a body spray, but if you want to use 2 or 3% fragrance in a room or body spray, you will need to increase the amount of CME used. A 3% fragrance load requires that you use about 15% CME, as demonstrated below.

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 Linen & Room Spray (with CME)



  Percent Grams Ounces Ingredient

Phase A




Distilled Water





Caprol Micro Express (CME)





Germaben II






Phase B






1. Combine Phase A ingredients with stirring.

2. Add Phase B fragrance to Phase A with whisking. If resulting emulsion is not clear, add small amounts of CME to mix with stirring until mixture clears.

Makes 500 grams (16.67 oz)

Ingredients in bold are carried by Lotioncrafter.

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