Quick and Easy Linen & Room Spray

Forget Polysorbates which can leave a sticky residue as it settles on floors and linens! Formulating Linen & Room Sprays with LC995 Cyclomethicone is incredibly easy. Simply combine your desired fragrance or essential oil blend with the LC995 Cyclomethicone in a spray bottle. Test your sprays on cotton (and perhaps silk or satin) fabric if you are selling them, just to be sure the fragrance oil's components won't stain them. Please note, while a great many are, not all fragrances or essential are miscible with cyclomethicone. Mix a little cyclomethicone with the fragrance or essential oil you want to use first. If they are not compatible, the mixture will cloud or separate into two separate phases, like oil and water. If it mixes well, you're good to go! 

  Quick and Easy Linen & Room Spray







Phase A




LC995 Cyclomethicone







  1. Mix Phase A ingredients together. Decant into bottles.


Makes 500 grams (16.68 ounces).

Ingredients in bold are carried by Lotioncrafter.

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