Jen's Bodacious Cream

This is a nice cream recipe using IPM and Dimethicone.  A goat milk lotion can be made by substituting 90 grams of goat milk for the 90 grams of Aloe Vera Juice 1X. You may use any goat milk you wish, but reconstitute powdered or canned goat milk to proper drinking consistency first, then measure 90 grams.  Increasing the amount of goat milk in your formula will increase the difficulty in preserving it. Our Lotioncrafter LC1684 Cyclomethicone (and) Dimethicone blend can be substituted for the Dimethicone in this formula, but should be added after the emulsion has formed, just before the fragrance.

PDF  Jen's Bodacious Cream












Water Phase




Distilled Water





Aloe Vera Juice 1X





Silk Amino Acids





Disodium EDTA






Oil Phase




Shea Butter Refined  or Mango Butter (or any butter/s you choose)





Macadamia Nut Oil (or any liquid oil/s you choose)





DM350 Dimethicone





Emulsifying Wax NF





Stearic Acid





Lotioncrafter IPM





Mixed Tocopherols T50











Fragrance Phase




Fragrance (adjust to suit)



1. Combine and heat water phase in pot. Bring to a temperature of 176°F, hold for 20 minutes to kill any bacteria and mold spores, and remove from heat.

2. While water phase is coming to temp, combine and heat the oil phase in another pot. Heat directly on the stove, or place the pot in a water bath or double boiler to heat on the stove, if you prefer. Bring to 176°F and remove from heat. Gently stir the oils and waxes to melt them all together. Cover and hold at this temperature until the water phase is ready.

3. If your oil phase pot is deep enough to avoid splash out when blending, pour the water phase into it. If not, pour the oil and water phases together into a Rubbermaid-type straight-sided pitcher or deep mixing bowl. Insert an immersion (stick) blender into the mixing vessel, keeping it near the bottom and blend. Move the stick blender around in the vessel to make certain that the lotion is well mixed.

4. Stop blending briefly. Place your mixing vessel into a cold water bath in your sink. Make sure your sink is not too full; you only need enough water to come up to the level of the lotion in the pot (a couple of inches for this recipe). It creates a cooling jacket around your mixing vessel. Immediately resume blending your lotion with your stick blender, moving it around the bottom of the pot to fully incorporate the mix. When the mixture is incorporated (it turns an even white color) blend it until thickening, incorporated and cooled. This should only take about 2-3 minutes. When the mixture starts to thicken, check your temperature. When the temperature is about 95°-100°F, remove the mixing vessel from the water and place it on the counter.

5. Check the weight of your batch to make sure you still have 900 grams (30.4 ounces), add more water if needed to replace what may have evaporated.

6. Place the pot back into the cold water bath and resume mixing until the lotion is about 95°-100°F (this should take no more than 1-3 minutes more). Remove the pot from the water and place on the counter.

7. Add the Fragrance Phase to the mixture and mix well.

8. Pour the cream when it has cooled, but not "set up". It will continue to set up (for approximately 24 hours) as it sits in the containers.

Makes approximately 1000 grams or 33.37 ounces of lotion.

Ingredients in bold are carried by Lotioncrafter


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