Fork, Large Mixing

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The Large Mixing fork is a wonderful alternative to a mixing spoon. The holes allow the mixture to flow through the prongs to gently stir and encourage a quick and thorough blend. Mixing Forks are great for blending, whipping, whisking, and gently stirring. The Large Mixing Fork is an especially useful tool for viscous materials such as shampoos, lotions, creams, or whipped products. You can also snag one of these to get the perfect swirling effect in cold process soap, or even a better blend of botanicals or exfoliants in your soap mixture. Overall, these are a great tool and a smart addition to any lab or soapmaking workshop!

Dimensions: 10.5"X1"X.5"

Material: Nylon

Heat Resistance: 464ºF / 240ºC

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