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dl panthenol


from $4.95

CAS No. 16485-10-2 D,L-Panthenol, aka Pro-Vitamin B5, is a stable lit racemic mixture of D-Panthenol and L-Panthenol. The human body readily absorb...

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olivem 1000

Olivem 1000

from $4.95

CAS No. 348616-34-2, 223706-40-9 Olivem 1000 is a PEG-free non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier developed from natural olive chemistry. It is an emu...

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cetyl alcohol nf

Cetyl Alcohol NF

from $4.00

CAS No. 36653-82-4 Cetyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol used as an emulsion stabilizer and opacifier, adding body and viscosity to creams and lotions,...

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optiphen plus

Optiphen Plus

from $6.50

ISP's (now Ashland's) second globally approved preservative in the Optiphen family developed as an alternative for personal care formulations requi...

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lactic acid 90

Lactic Acid 90%

from $5.95

CAS: 50-21-5 L (+) Lactic Acid is the natural form of this ingredient often used as a milder alternative to glycolic acid in cosmetic formulations....

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leucidal liquid

Leucidal Liquid

from $4.75

Leucidal® Liquid is Now on the Whole Foods Acceptable Premium Preservative List Approved for use as an ingredient in ECOCert Certified Organic ...

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propanediol 13

Propanediol 1,3

from $5.95

CAS: 504-63-2 Propanediol 1,3 (referred to as Propanediol hereafter) is a natural, green, propylene glycol alternative derived from corn sugar, use...

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emulsifying wax nf lotioncrafter

Emulsifying Wax NF

from $4.35

Lotioncrafter Emulsifying Wax NF is a nonionic self-emulsifying wax created to meet the standard for self emulsifying waxes monographed in the Nati...

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Ceramide Complex

Ceramide Complex

from $5.65

CAS: 100403-19-8, 13552-11-9, 80356-14-5, 13557-75-0, 600-07-7, 11138-66-2. Ceramide Complex is a multi-lamellar system of vegetable-derived, semi-...

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lotioncrafter btms

Lotioncrafter BTMS

from $10.95

Lotioncrafter BTMS, also known as Conditioning Emulsifier is a self-emulsifying wax, a quaternary ammonium salt derived from the natural plant oil ...

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ferulic acid

Ferulic Acid

from $2.95

CAS No. 1135-24-6 Ferulic acid (FA) is found in the leaves and seeds of most plants, and in especially high concentration in the brans of grasses ...

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dm350 dimethicone

DM350 Dimethicone

from $5.25

CAS No. 63148-62-9 Dimethicone in its simplest form is polydimethylsiloxane, also known as silicone oil, but more commonly called dimethicone. Si...

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amticide coconut

AMTicide Coconut

from $4.65

CAS:  68333-16-4 & 8001-31-8  AMTicide® Coconut is a new patent-pending product from Active Micro Technologies developed by fermenting Cocos nu...

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