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abyssinian oil

Abyssinian Oil

from $6.55

CAS No. 68956-68-3  Abyssinian Oil is a natural seed oil with an ultra light, non-greasy skin feel. It has a unique molecular structure...

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from $8.95

Actifcol™ contains a shiitake mushroom-based extract that prevents collagen deterioration and improves the structure, organization, and quality of...

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from $9.95

Actigym™ Marine Ingredient is obtained by biotechnology from a microorganism inhabiting Bermuda.  Actigym™ mimics the effect of endurance exercise ...

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from $13.95

Adifyline® peptide is the perfect ingredient to diminish the effects that the aging process causes in the skin. In facial formulations, it can incr...

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allantoin usp

Allantoin USP

from $5.45

3/25/2022: We have switched manufacturers of Allantoin USP. Please review the product specification sheet for more information.  CAS No. 97-59-6  A...

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aloe vera juice 1x

Aloe Vera Juice 1X

from $7.50

CAS No. 085507-69-3 Aloe Vera Juice is the juice extracted from the pulp of the aloe barbadensis plant. It has been used topically since ancient ti...

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from $5.65

CAS No. 085507-69-3 AloeThix™ is a ready-to-use cosmetic version of Aloe Vera Gel which has been viscosity enhanced with Carbopol® for convenient-t...

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alpaflor gigawhite

Alpaflor Gigawhite

from $15.95

Please note: This product cannot be shipped to the European Union (EU) or United Kingdom (UK). If the provided shipping address is located in the n...

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alpha arbutin


from $10.25

Please note: This product cannot be shipped to the European Union (EU) or United Kingdom (UK). If the provided shipping address is located in the n...

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amber powder

Amber Powder

from $9.85

CAS No.: 9000-02-6 A timeless gem of natural origin, amber is the fossilized resin from amber forests of Pinus succinifera in existence some 45 mil...

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amticide coconut

AMTicide Coconut

from $6.65

CAS:  68333-16-4 & 8001-31-8  AMTicide® Coconut is created by fermenting Cocos nucifera (Coconut) fruit with Lactobacillus to deliver a non-irr...

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from $9.95

A Glycoprotein from the Antarctic Sea with cryoprotective, restructuring and antiwrinkle properties. During the Antarctic summer of 1988, a Spanish...

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argan oil virgin

Argan Oil, Virgin

from $6.65

CAS: 223747-87-3 The Argan (Argania spinosa) tree is an unusual thorny tree almost exclusively native to the geographical area of south west Morocc...

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argireline np

Argireline® NP

from $7.95

Argireline® NP (Non Paraben) is a peptide (formerly named acetyl hexapeptide-3, now acetyl hexapeptide-8) that inhibits SNARE complex formation and...

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aristoflex avc

Aristoflex AVC

from $9.95

CAS#  Not Assigned Aristoflex® AVC is a pre-neutralized synthetic polymer used as a gelling agent for aqueous systems and as a texturizer and thick...

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from $8.25

CAS No. 618949-72-7 AromaFix™ is a raw material derived from glucose which serves to increase significantly the lasting power of many fragrance typ...

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beeswax white nf granules

Beeswax White NF

from $6.95

CAS#: 8012-89-3 Beeswax, considered to be among the earliest of raw materials used by man from the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans...

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behenyl alcohol

Behenyl Alcohol

from $9.75

CAS No. 661-19-8 Behenyl Alcohol is a natural, vegetable source long chain fatty alcohol used to regulate viscosity in formulations. It functions a...

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biguanide 20

Biguanide 20

from $8.45

CAS No. 27083-27-8 This product can only ship via UPS Ground and UPS Standard to Canada, it cannot be shipped Internationally (Overseas). Do not or...

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from $6.25

CAS #8001-79-4, 8001-78-3, 8015-86-9 BioLatum™ is a natural, botanically-based alternative to synthetic petrolatum, and contains wholesome skin con...

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bisabolol natural

Bisabolol Natural

from $9.95

CAS: 23089-26-1  Bisabolol [(-)-alpha-bisabolol)], also known as Alpha Bisabolol or levomenol, is the primary constituent of German Chamomile (Matr...

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